PCBoost 5.6

Force programs and games to run faster on your computer
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PCBoost is an accurate utility designed to provide a fast view of processor's real-time performance. Through PCBoost you can monitor with a pie chart the CPU's actual memory and processor performance. Through a simple and user-friendly interface you can adjust the performance you expect from your processor/memory, sliding the bar towards the desired level. Having an actual graphic history on the real-time activity, the actual memory charge, and the last application accelerated, this tool might look pretty much like the Task Manager, however this one uses less resources and by knowing which application was last accelerated you can figure out which program is using extra resources and then make the necessary adjustments.

Benchmarking your computer performance is always a good treat for any user when downloading a tool like this. For advanced users this might look as the Windows 7 "User's experience test", but this one is faster and the score is more accurate than the W7 test (which most equipments pass with low scores even if you have twice the RAM). PCBoost was tested on Windows 7 32bits and runs smoothly.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Light installation, simple interface and easy to access all options. If you need a simple tool this one is for you


  • Simple program, does not justify the price having in mind other programs that deliver the same result and have additional tweaks
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